everything in your life will change.

When how you feel is what matters most,

I'm Donna, the proud owner and founder of Feel Good Fitness. I am a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Mat Instructor with over a decade of proven success helping women in my beautiful community of South Surrey, B.C. - FEEL GOOD.

Like most women my age, my path had the highs and the lows and the befores and the afters that accompany one’s personal struggle with weight and body image.

In my early 40s, I had my "Aha!" realization. Fit is a feeling! Everything the diet and exercise industry teaches is based on the false premise that FIT is a look; a number on a scale, an after picture of THE perfect body.

But FITNESS is about your WHOLE being: body, mind, and spirit. So, I created a new solution.

What if we switch the focus? What if our only goal is to feel good? Everyone’s health and fitness goals are different, but they are all centered on the same idea: feeling good. 

That was the beginning of FGF.

I'm so glad you're here!

I tailor to real women for real life using personalized fitness programs that provide real results. It’s a simple system built on the three pillars of good health: positive mindset, functional movement, and the everyday magic of consistent self-care.

I provide a fun environment where all women feel welcome, seen, heard, valued, and supported while learning to love the fundamentals of movement and functional exercise. 

My passion for functional fitness training, coupled with my ability to teach, uplift and genuinely connect with others is what makes my heart-centered fitness business unique. I’ve been training some of my current clients for almost a decade. They come for the exercise but stay for the connection.

Yes. We here at FEEL GOOD FITNESS are living proof. It's time for true transformation.

All YOU need to know is how you want to feel, I will help you get there.

Join us and take the first step to feeling good TODAY!

It’s more than a workout– 

it’s a sisterhood. 

We are StrongHER– together.

Is it possible to become healthy and fit without pain, struggle, and deprivation?

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